1/2 zoom bluffcatching vs overbet on river

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1/2 zoom bluffcatching vs overbet on river


Sorry my PT4 HH's aren't accepted on here for some reason unknown to me.

Villain is a reg, I have no HUD stats but he's not a spazz or anything. I took the c/c line just because I think it's a good hand for it with the backdoors and works well as a c/c hand imo. We can bet it sometimes also obv. I can't fold flop/turn but I don't see river being a spot that regs will bluff especially not with this sizing? It's hard to find too many sort of "natural bluffs" for him here but there are a lot of very logical hands that could take this line for value vs what I guess is a pretty face up range from my end.

AQs KJs TT - although I guess he checks TT a lot. Not sure how he's going to play AQs here pre if I'm honest. When I look at it, his value range might not be that huge but it's not a board I see regs in this pool bluffing at.

Can I fold river with a population read? Is this even somewhat close according to gto/solvers? Also I think the blinds are pretty weak which can add a lot more flats to his range pre I assume.


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