$1/3 Live, Leading small on turn

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$1/3 Live, Leading small on turn

1/3 NLH Live @ Bellagio. 9 handed. $4 max rake. One reg sitting directly to my left. Hero has been sitting in for ~2 hours.

Current hand: Hero is in cutoff with effective stack of $355. Folds around to action guy in HJ who limps $3. Hero over limps $3 with As5s. Button (aggressive reg) raises to $20. Blinds fold. Initial limper folds. Hero calls.

Th5h3h (Pot $43)

Hero checks.
Button bets $30.
Hero calls.

Turn 5c (Pot $103)

Hero leads $25.
Button raises to $125.
Hero jams all in for $305.
Button folds.

After reviewing the hand, I have trouble with the turn decision. My initial thought was to lead at this turn card. As played, when I get to the turn, my range consists of nut flushes (no better than AhTh), two combos of A5s, three combos of A3s, three combos of 33, and one combo of 55.

I developed a leading range here on the turn that consists of my A5 and A3 combos for small sizings. And I would check call the rest of my range.

My questions for the hand:

Is my pre flop limp/call too loose / losing?
Thoughts on my leading range on the turn?
Should I lead a bigger sizing?
Is check raising a better alternative?

Any comments appreciated.

First post on RIO. Thanks

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