2-5 Hand played against reg

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2-5 Hand played against reg

UTG straddle from recreational 1k effective
Hero raise AhJc LJ to $40 1k effective

HJ is a Live Reg who flats much wider than you would see in an online game... Have seen him flat 86s in the SB before as an overcall against a like 6x open raise before, so he can really get out of line flatting too much. Expect him to flat things like T9s, QTs, KTs, AQo, 22+ maybe even Axs or something as weak as 98s; theres also the straddle behind so think he can have some hands here that flat wanting to play a pot in position with some fish in the blinds, he is 1.5k effective

Goes heads up to the flop
KhQs7d Pot = $90
Hero bets $50

Turn 8d
Pot = $190
Hero bets $130

River 6h
Pot = $450

I get the impression that a 3rd barrel may get hands like KT/KJ to fold here; I do think that he can have some AK, flatting to keep the players behind in play. T9s had a double gutter on turn, so he is definitely not capped.

Just kinda curious about general thoughts on flop/turn/river. I wasn't sure what the solver approach would be here, so just defaulted towards something standardish.... I figured I should be betting frequently on the flop given the KQx texture is really good for my range, and having a big polarity advantage.

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