2-5 river decision.

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2-5 river decision.

Live 10ring 500max

Hero raises to 25 in CO with KhKc after a limper in HJ, BT calls, BB calls, HJ calls.

Flop 7s3d3h 100
Checks to hero who bets 50, BT calls.

Turn 6d 200
Hero bets 90, BT calls.
(Should've bet bigger like 120~140 as turn brings a flush draw)

River 2h 380
Hero bets 150, BT shoves 240 more on top, hero calls.

Was tanking pretty long to check to control the pot
But, decide to bet for thin value targetting 88-TT,
87s A7s 76s.

How often would you guys bet on that river with KhKc on that dry board?
I would bet like 50% and check 50% and more likely bet with Kd like 80%.
And I think that even there is almost no bluff when V shoves on those river, I would still call to the shove getting roughly 20% equity to call unless I have too much respect to V. Isn't it?
Need a opnion. Thanks.

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