2 Black KK on J♠️6♣️5♣️

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2 Black KK on J♠️6♣️5♣️

My effective stack in this hand was about $950 in $5/$10 in a ring game in the Bellagio. I raised in EP with K♠️K♣️, and I picked up 2 callers in MP and LP. OTF of J♠️6♣️5♣️, I c-bet for $60 into $105. MP guy called. LP guy raised to $190. What is our best option here? LP guy is a fish who plays a wide range of hands and he covered me. How relevant are our flush blockers in affecting the decision for our hand? I spoke to a friend about such spots before where my hand would be AA instead but with a similar board texture and with the flush blocker, and my friend who is a successful high stakes player said that since we blocked the NFD, it’s less likely our opponent would be bluffing in such spots so he said we should fold in such spots. But my hand now is KK instead of AA, so is his advice still relevant? Is it always a str8forward decision in this hand, or are there other variables we needa consider? Are we getting exploited if we always over-fold in such spots?

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