20 BI downswing

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20 BI downswing

Hey guys im in the midst of a 20BI downswing at 10NL. I am kind of starting to feel like 10NL just is not poker. The games are good but the varience is kind of out of control. People cold calling 3bets with crazy hands in the blinds. So many people play like 50/30, or 70/20 and alot of aggro monkeys. 

So many flops with 3+ peeps it is hard to find cbets when I just cannot put people on accurate hand ranges since they are playing 70% of hands my thoughts are "well I guess since I whiffed on this flop one of these two people must have hit something." I am thinking I might want to 2 barrel more but I mean you'd be surprised of how many people will show up with second pair, call with ace high. Since only betting when you flop something is obv very exploitable.

So I mean yes alot of this swing has to due with some bad variance and many bad calls. Like running QQ into KK when someone is 3bet stat is 20. And bad calls like flopping sets and not believing their flush got there on the river. Hitting TPTK and think they are playing a flush draw aggressively, when they actually have a set. 

I dunno I just feel like my play is very exploitable and do not balance my ranges very well while I level myself into the ground against opponents. I pay off too many people do to their high aggression. I probably have a semi tilt problem but i try and work on it. This is just rough since I guess since I lose to idiots I guess I'm a moron. 

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