200NLz triple barrel bluff in 3bet pot MP vs UTG

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200NLz triple barrel bluff in 3bet pot MP vs UTG

200NLz Bovada. We 3bet MP vs UTG and then triple as a bluff. My main/only question is OTR I would like to discuss the merits of bluffing vs. giving up on the hand, and when we bluff what size should be selected (I think jamming is good, but perhaps another sizing is more efficient).

Pre I play 3bet or fold here and this is the bottom of my 3b range MP vs UTG.

OTF am cbetting a high frequency.
OTT when we turn a flushdraw I barrel 100% with this hand.

On river I am pretty uncertain if the bluff is good. My thought process in-game was basically "I am relatively uncapped, villain should be capped somewhat, it will be hard for villain to hero with the lowest PP in their range", I shove.

To be more specific, I think that villain's range is fairly face up and is made up of mostly pocket pairs and AKcc. I also think villain will have a hard time meeting their MDF on this river vs the jam but also vs other sizings. I haven't run this spot in PIO yet but I'm guessing this hand is probably a bet at some frequency on every street. I also felt like I picked up some information based on timing in the hand that led me to believe it was very unlikely villain had 99 or 88 OTR.

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