23M who enjoys champagne and long walks on the beach seeks study group for companionship and a rocking good time

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23M who enjoys champagne and long walks on the beach seeks study group for companionship and a rocking good time

Hey RIO,

I am reaching out to try and find some players who would be interested in forming a study group to help with each other's game.
I have played online poker since early 2017, although only been serious about studying and improving (and entertaining the idea of a professional lifestyle in the future) since early this year.

I've posted some graphs below to show you my progress thus far; I am a bit hazy on details but I believe most of the hands from 5 and 10NL were late last year and the rest are this year. The PT graphs are from May 1st when I changed over to PokerTracker to have a HUD for PLO. I will definitely not be posting my PLO graphs because I wouldn't be able to live with the shame

All the hands were played on Ignition; I live in Australia so I have no choice in that regard although I am considering moving to live in the UK (dual citizenship hooray) or New Zealand so as to have access to better sites and rakeback better than 0.00000000000000000000000001%

I am reasonably confident I am beating/can beat 100NL even though the sample is small; however I imagine my true winrate should be something around 5-8/100. Of course I admit the possibility of my sample being too small to make any conclusion one way or the other but the player pool certainly has substantial leaks and if I am not truly beating the games at this moment in time I believe I have the capacity to do so.

I would be very interested in finding some players, any players at all of course but I assume those who are playing similar games would be most interested, to discuss hands/ strategy/mental game/ lifestyle/ the whole banana in a more permanent group than internet forums, e.g. having an email group or a private discord or meeting on skype or all of the above.

I know no one in the real world who plays poker seriously is why I am reaching out, and all the top genius players seem to say that being in a group of players working on their game is very beneficial.

If you would be interested please post below or send me a private message, or email me at: [email protected]









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