2/4 6max on Unibet

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2/4 6max on Unibet

So if you never played on unibet before, there is no hud, you cant get your hands to your computer, u can have 5-6 different table usernames/avatars and you can actualy play 2 tables with 2 different usernames/avatars which makes not as fun as normaly. Anyway the games can still be beat without the fish at the tables.

So heres this hand. i cannot convert it because i dont have it on my computer but i made it on hand replayer


I played a little, nothing much was seen at that session. only that i knew he was "unknown" reg. I just wanna know if i should shove this hand OTR. I felt like my blockers were ok for AQ/AJ, but it also blocks his suited broadways. I dont think he has too many AK combos because all day i see AK being shoved pre. but ofc he could have that. it puts alot of pressure on like ATs and lower. I think they fold it most of the times. What do you think about my play ? Thinking at it now i think i should 100% bet QJdd but this one idk.
If this one was a check what other hands should i bluff with?

I wish there was hand history so i could post everything until the river shove, but whatever, also i forgot to put his hand in replayer, he snapped with 67 of hearts.
My english is also not the best so sorry if there are mistakes :D,


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