$2$5 $10 straddle, big overbet on river

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$2$5 $10 straddle, big overbet on river

I'm in CO with KJhh, effective stacks about 1200

EP limps for $10, MP (villain) raises $35, I call, BB calls, straddle calls, EP limper calls.

(pot ~170) Flop KQ2o, BB checks, UTG checks, EP checks, V bets ~130, I call, other three fold.

(pot ~430) turn 2d making BDF draw, V checks, I check behind.

(pot ~430) river another 2, V bets ~1.5x pot $625, what do I do???

Board reads KQ222. I have KJ

Villian is a very solid LAG player.. I feel like river counterfeits his AK, KQ hands.. He could have AA or QQ but I block KK.. Is there a 2 in his range? AQ? Would he ever bet this much for value? I feel like it's a huge over bet to get me off chop but should I make this call for chop?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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