25-50, squezed pot,

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25-50, squezed pot,

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BTN: $5000.00
SB: $5343.00
BB: $5035.00
[b]UTG: $5292.50[/b]
UTG+1: $5000.00
UTG+2: $5505.00
[b]MP1: $5075.00[/b]
MP2: $5000.00
[b]Hero (CO): $5000.00[/b]

[b]Pre Flop:[/b] ($75.00) Hero is CO with Q :club: K :club:
[color=red]UTG raises to $100[/color], [i]2 folds[/i], MP1 calls $100, [i]1 fold[/i], [color=red]Hero raises to $450[/color], [i]3 folds[/i], UTG calls $350, MP1 calls $350

[b]Flop:[/b] ($1425.00) T :heart: 8 :club: 3 :club: color=#336633[/color]
UTG checks, MP1 checks, [color=red]Hero bets $780[/color], UTG calls $780, [color=red]MP1 raises to $4625 all in[/color]
Hero ???

UTG is 44/25
and MP1 who i think has 88 and lower in his range, with 99+ he probably 3bets pre. and than some suited conecteors and lower suited brodways. He is a regular who I dont think that he plays 25-50 regular as neither do I.
I think preflop is standard to isolate weaker player and prevent that other players enter the pot. Maybe I should make it bigger like 550$ or 600$. And than on the flop we need 34% to call and I am not sure if we have it because i think that MP1 mostly has a set here. Against a set we are not getting the right odds but if we start putting some draws in his range it is a call.
What do you guys think? I really think that he just calls with draws because he is getting such a good odds.

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