2/5 NL river bluff

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2/5 NL river bluff

Live game over the weekend. I came over from a broken 4-handed 2/5/10 PLO game and have been playing pretty laggy so far but haven't shown a ton of aggression in later streets. Snapped off a bluff with K4o on a Kc6s5sQdJc board in a ~180bb pot earlier in the session where I c/c both turn & river.

Villain in this hand is a pretty straightforward TAG-ish player who gets a little passive on later streets and generally avoids big pots/tough spots. I had seen him 3-bet a couple times but then step off the gas in later streets. I'm playing $675, he has me covered.

-UTG +2 opens to $20, I flat on the button with AsJh. HU to flop.

Pre-flop I feel is standard and I'm happy to play pots with him, in position particularly because I feel I can take pots away on later streets and have stronger hand reading skills. He has also shown to be somewhat passive post-flop.

-Flop: JsQs4h
-Villain checks, I bet $28, he calls.
-Turn: Ks
-Villain bets $65, I raise to $175, he calls.
-River: 6h
-He checks, I bet $400 (essentially all-in).

Thoughts? I'll post river decision later.

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