$.25/.50 Live, $190 effective, Most cover me, 6 handed, Weekly Home Game

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$.25/.50 Live, $190 effective, Most cover me, 6 handed, Weekly Home Game

I straddle UTG to $1 and the HJ double straddles to $2

Folds to the small blind who is a super lag who 3bets too small imo in oop pots. Regardless, his range is like most pairs 66+, Q8s+, J9s+, AT+, KTs+. I've literally been 3bet by this guy with Q8hh after opening utg 10 handed. We're super deep so I can fathom not comprehending complex lines that would make this hand work, but he's oop and I have a stronger range when he does this. Native American or Mexican guy in his mid 30's. He's got a pretty good job managing a distribution chain and is definitely a smart guy.
Small blind raises to $6.
Big blind is a new player. He's a shaved head white guy in his late 20's, sitting on $100. He's playing games on his phone and texting people. The atmosphere here is really social, so this is somewhat out of the ordinary and tells me he's probably a solid reg postflop.
Big blind calls $6.

The double straddle is a guy who will call with everything suited, 3bet 99+ AQ+. I see he already has $4 in his hands to call.

I have AJo and 3bet to $25. I plan to fold to any aggression from anyone because this game is strictly linear 4bet ranges and at best it's 99/TT.
However, the lag can call me with a decent amount of the hands he opened with, he probably plays 97s oop here. I figured BB was never putting another dollar in and I'd be happy to go to the flop IP with barely 3spr with a stronger range than my opponent.

I tried to give as much information as possible, so does anyone have any comments on this?

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