$.25/.50 Live, $80 effective. Dynamic Turn vs Unknown Tendencies

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$.25/.50 Live, $80 effective. Dynamic Turn vs Unknown Tendencies

This hand is from a weekly home game that plays around $100-$300 deep within the first few hours. At this point, the people on the table only bought in for $40-$80 except for one reg with $160. The effective stack here is $80 and it's versus a player we mostly consider to be a whale. He bets full range in a lot of scenarios if given the room to be the first aggressor. ie 96ss on AT6cc bet if checked to, or AQ8J3, may bet an 68ss) I don't think he thinks about ranges, but he bets hoping for folds from top pair in spots that won't happen like that. He's been on a hiatus for a few months, losing $100-$300 a week. He's in for $80, on his 2nd $40 bullet having run it to $80.

I'm UTG+1 9 handed and open QJss to $1.50
Two people in MP call and the opponent calls in the small blind.

Flop ($6) Qc8h3h
Opponent checks. I bet $3 (In hindsight, I don't see a reason not to bet $4-$6, as the calling ranges are inelastic, and I'm ahead. Plus all my bluffs here will have lots of equity when called) Two MP players fold and the opponent calls. I believe his calling range to be A3,K3,23,34,35,36,37, 84,85,86,87,89,8T,8J,K8,A8, Q2-QK minus Q8 and Q3, JT, J9, any two hearts that aren't AJ+.

Turn ($12) Qc8h3h3c
Opponent checks. I'm not familiar enough with the opponent to know if he'll checkraise draws here. I know that he'll bluff all his draws, and bet all 3x, on all rivers completing or not. I figured since I didn't know if I could comfortably bet/call the turn, I decided to check back after playing with chips, hoping to make him think I wanted to check the river down by faking intimidation.

River ($12) Qc8h3h3c7d
Opponent leads $7. I call.

Critique of my thought process please. I've played a lot with this villain, but it has been a few months, and I've not seen him checkraise draws before. Because we haven't really played enough hands to know for sure, I opted for bluff catching, intending to fold if hearts came through. Realistically, we've played maybe 1500 hands together tops.

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