25/50/100: sizing a river raise

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25/50/100: sizing a river raise

12k eff. Opponent in this hand is a very good pro. We have a lot of history.

25/50/100 V opens CO 300, call KhJx OTB, HU to flop
Qh 3x 2xr: x x
Th: V 475, call.
7h: V 1150

I guess the first question about the river is if you think this is a good bluff spot with my hand, and if not, what does a good river raising range look like?

My main question however is whether this a river situation where I can split my range and use two different raise sizings depending on if I have the Ah in my hand?

If raising for value with a non-nut flush, raising smaller could be better than raising larger or jamming.
If raising as a bluff without the nut flush blocker, raising smaller could also be better than raising larger.
If raising for value with the nut flush, raising larger or jamming could be better.
If raising as a bluff with the nut flush blocker, raising larger or jamming could also be better because our opponent cannot have the nut flush.

If these sizing assumptions are not correct or faulty bc they are unbalanced, would be interested in that as well. But i find it interested how important blockers play a roll in deciding on a river raise sizing.

So is this a situation where I can have two different river raise sizings depending on my holding, and could those raise sizings be balanced and unexploitable? I am not sure if I am thinking about this correctly, and feel I am missing some fundemntal considerations when deciding on a sizing with various parts of my range that gets to this river.

There are further considerations, such as what my opponents checking range otf looks like, and if it is even possible he has many Axhh combos otr since there is a good chance he cbets those combos otf. There could be a lot of speculation as to what his range otr is, and I can comment if necessary.

If anyone wants to comment about flop check back, would also be interested. I believe my opponents checking range is never c/f, and I typically avoid static flops like these to bluff vs a likely c/c range with my specific hand, but would appreciate thoughts if that is also up for debate.

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