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25nl cooler or misplay

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25nl cooler or misplay

Blinds: $0.10/$0.25 (6 Players) SB: $37.16 (Hero)
BB: $49.77
UTG: $25.00
MP: $25.00
CO: $24.65
BN: $79.23
Preflop ($0.35) Hero is SB with Q K
4 folds, Hero raises to $0.75, BB raises to $2.25, Hero calls $1.50
Flop ($4.50) J T 2
Hero checks, BB bets $1.41, Hero raises to $4.07, BB calls $2.66
Turn ($12.64) J T 2 7
Hero bets $6.01, BB calls $6.01
River ($24.66) J T 2 7 A
Hero bets $24.83 and is all in, BB calls $24.83
Final Pot BB wins $72.32
Rake is $2.00

So I've been losing a bunch of these big pots and thought I would post a line check to see if I'm massively misplaying these spots or it's just variance. I have also yet to study post flop spots for 3b pots very much so quite unsure here, especially being so deep

Villain showed up with KQcc here. He was playing 19/19/25 over small sample.

Pre I think is pretty standard? Being OOP sucks but I think this hand has too much equity to fold or turn into 4b bluff blind vs. blind, especially given villain is very active with 3bs

Flop we have one of our highest EV bluffs in this spot so makes a lot of sense to check raise here, but I would think we'd be doing a fair bit of check raising anyway for protection/thin value given his mergy sizing?

I'm really unsure about the river shove. In game I wasn't overly worried about flushes because how many get to this point besides KQ, KJ maybe KT of clubs. Even still I think now maybe the river shove is a bit ambitious as I don't see a lot worse calling? Maybe sets or AJ??

Any thoughts are appreciated

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