25NL - overfolding over pair?

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25NL - overfolding over pair?

Hand Replayer: https://www.cardschat.com/replayer/4tS504p

Don't have any read on villain.

Here is my thought
Preflop: Villain's 3bet size is little bit bigger than usual. People usually 3bet 7bb against 2.2x open size, but not a big deal i guess.

Flop: (233r)my first thought of flop was this flop was good for 3bettor since 3bettor has all high pairs: QQ+. However, hero has more overpairs than villain(% in range), so this board is not that bad. Villain bets half pot. I think his bet sizing should be bigger. I called. Solver says that against 50% bet, JJ raises about 50%, but I think just call is fine.

Turn: T. Turn card hits villain more since villain has AT, KT type of hands. Villain bets around half pot and I called again.

River: 8. River card is blank. Villain bets around 1/3 pot. Well, villain can thin bet like this with his TPTK(such as AT). However, most players do not play that aggressively with Top pair. I think villain bets QQ+ most of the times in this situation. Therefore, I just folded.

I wanna hear your thoughts.

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