25z 4-5bp

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25z 4-5bp

Im curious how you guys may approach and adjust to these spots. the pool is nitty as fuck in these spots and on average is 4betting half as often as they should (10ish%). they tend to defend okay-ish vs 4bs but defend way more frequently with a call compared to 5bing. when it comes to the pool 4bing, it tends to be very weighted towards value. on average they 4b-call 5b jams 80% of the time. when i look into my db, im losing a bunch in 5bps. the only hand that has made money in 5bps is AA, QQ,KK and AK are all losing, and by a fucking ton. KK isnt losing nearly as much as QQ and AK, but its still slightly losing surprisingly. adjustments ive come up with is to 4b fold QQ and AK since they do well in 4bps but horribly in 5bps. obviously this sounds absurd,maybe not to some but I'm really just trying to find a way to reduce how much im losing in 4-5bps and see what others have come up with when it comes to adjusting in these spots and if you guys have seen the same pattern. thanks for reading!

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