25z 4Bpot

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25z 4Bpot

Blinds: $0.10/$0.25 (6 Players) BN: $100.99
SB: $25.72
BB: $25.91
UTG: $25.64
MP: $31.42
CO: $61.00 (Hero)
Preflop ($0.35) Hero is CO with Q Q
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.65, BN folds, SB raises to $2.72, BB folds, Hero raises to $5.75, SB calls $3.03
Flop ($11.75) 3 T 6
SB checks, Hero bets $3.70, SB calls $3.70
Standard range bet
Turn ($19.15) 3 T 6 A
SB checks, Hero checks
So even tho this card is better for me i still decided to check which i will do with any Ax lower than AK that was in my 4bet bluffing range,so decided to put in some PP's under TP without diamonds in this range.Im guessing if SPR was a bit higher i would 33% again on this card with everything that im continuing.
River ($19.15) 3 T 6 A 2
SB bets $16.27 and is all in, Hero folds
Here idk what is he rly shoving only thing i can think about is TT or AdKx AxKd but then again with these Ax hands he should be check calling cuz he is blocking my calling range and he should be expecting me to bet all my bluffs on river on a A board....atleast thats how i think about this situation.
Final Pot SB wins $18.29
Rake is $0.86

Villain 21/14/11 over 400 hands
My question is do i need to call this i feel like im overfolding if i only call with Ax hands.But then again ppl arent really creative in this pool to have enough bluffs here,what do u think about this hand?

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