2nd pair on middle card board facing aggression

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2nd pair on middle card board facing aggression

I can't get the hand history to work, so I'm posting this manually.

I play the equivalent of $0.05/0.10 6-max cash. I am in the SB. Stack sizes are 59 BB effective. I have pocket 8s. The villain in the BB is an aggro reg and we have a bit of recent history with both of us stacking the other a couple of times.

3 people limp, I raise to 7BB, BB calls and cutoff calls. The flop comes 9 6 4 rainbow. I check, BB bets 17 BB, CO folds, I call. The turn is a 7. I check, BB goes all in for the remaining 35 BB, I fold.

My thought process was that the middle-card board would be good for BB's range which should have lots of pocket pairs and suited connectors, and thus lots of sets, two-pairs and straights. The hands I beat is stuff like Ace-highs and overcards. Maybe I shouldn't even have called the flop bet if I was planning to fold to a shove anyway. Or should I have called his shove?

Any comments on my play on any street are welcome.

Edit: Running the following range (I don't know how valid it is) on Equilab says that I have about 37% equity. And if he's bluffing say, 20% of the time, it becomes a decently profitable call. So perhaps I should have called his shove after all?

Board: 9d6s4c7s
Equity Win Tie
MP2 37.21% 35.38% 1.83% { 88 }
BB 62.79% 60.96% 1.83% { 99-88, 66, 44, A9s, K9s, Q9s, J8s+, T8s+, 97s+, 86s+, 76s, 65s, 54s, A9o }

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