2nd pair v shove river 3bet pot.

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2nd pair v shove river 3bet pot.

Villan seemed like a reg, no other info. Otf I'm not sure how to play this high low low boards oop, but betting small with range is my overall aproach. My plan for the turn was to bet on diamonds and on any 9/Q/J/A/K. Ott I was traped between two options, betting 1/3 again or check. I think that with 1/3 we still get calls from all his underpairs and he has some worse Tx that floats the flop, KQ. Anyway, I checked and he made an instant bet. I think that calling is standard, he still has some bluffs like K9/98 with bdfd/A5s/A3s/65s/KQ. Otr he shoved kind of quick. Whats your plan otr against an unknow? I think that AT is an easy call, but I wasnt sure with KTs because we block some of his KQ combos that can bluff.

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