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3 barrels vs UTG raise. 50nl.

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3 barrels vs UTG raise. 50nl.

Link to hand

Anon table. Avg UTG rfi is 17%. AQo can go either way preflop.

As played points I m considering:

  • Facing UTG raise and the only value(?) hand we beat now is AJ. Would be awfully assumptive to assume villain is making that mistake
  • Bluffing rivers a ton isnt something that low stakes villains tend to do.
  • However KQ,KJ, QJ all missed so theres the potential that villain is looking at a lot of busted draws to bluff. Not holding diamonds has pretty limited value as most diamond hands have a pair now.
    -His value range is obv uncapped and wide. Nearly all sets, aces up, AK?, J9s...

Anything else to consider? What do you do?

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