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3-bet & Cold-called pot - TURN

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3-bet & Cold-called pot - TURN

CO $2000  - Seemingly a good solid regular 26/22

Hero sb $2000  Ad Ks 

BB $2000

CO opens $60

BTN Folds

Hero SB 3bet to $200 

BB Cold-calls

CO Calls

FLOP ($600)

Ac 8c 5c

Hero bets $395, BB folds, CO calls.

TURN ($1390)

Ac 8c 5c Qd

Hero ???? ($1405)


Turn card kind of crushes my range and I feel like I will only get called by better hands. I feel like I should be c-calling here. Am I totally lost here or do you have any other opinions?

fwiw, I would like a smaller c-bet.

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