3-bet pot AKss on KT9r, 6, 5

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3-bet pot AKss on KT9r, 6, 5

Hand is on Bovada 400NL 100bb effective. My second hand on the table (small blind) no history on anyone.

Pre-flop: MP opens 3bb, we are dealt AsKs We 3-bet 10bb and he calls.

Flop: Kc Ts 9h - We c-bet a little over 1/2 pot and he calls.

Turn: 6d I check, villain bets a little over 1/2 pot setting up river shove. I decided to check here so I can have some strong hands in my checking range. I probably check KK the most here as my most frequent slowplay, maybe AA some small %

River: 5c I check and villain goes all in with a pot sized bet left.

Hero???? We are pretty high up in our range here and given how I've played my hand I'm not sure if that forces me to call or not. I'll be able to call sometimes with KK/AA but that's about it for slow plays.

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