3 betting OOP strategy Live 1/3

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3 betting OOP strategy Live 1/3

Live 1/3 about 700 effective Villian who is a semi decent rec but calls too wide in a lot of spots raises UTG to 15. There is 2 field callers and hero makes it 90 with AdKd from BB and villian calls, field folds. Flop comes QdQc3h. I ended up checking this flop. I would be checking all of my range here for balance except AQs. Not sure if this line is wrong here? My 3 betting range in this spot is going to be super linear so maybe I should be betting backdoor AK suited hands for balance? Was thinking I should be playing a bit more passive deep OOP. Villian checks back. Turn is a 10 and hero checks again and villian bets 75. Should hero call or fold here or never be in this spot to begin with cause of an error on the flop? With his small sizing on the turn after checking back flop I also thought AJs and 77-99 were very likely here and 1010 and JJ would be bet on the flop. I struggle OOP in 3 bet pots and am trying to get feedback from players with a live background. Thanks!

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