3 betting SCs in a live environment at 100bb? Facing donk lead.

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3 betting SCs in a live environment at 100bb? Facing donk lead.

Hand I played last night ($2/$5 game) Effective $500 (me) Recreational covers
Weaker some what passive recreational opened $15 in HJ,
I 3bet 9s8s in CO to $45,
BTN cold calls $45
HJ calls $30.
Flop ($140) Tx6s4x
Rec leads out $30
Hero calls $30 (gut shot + bad door flush draw)
BTN raises to $80
Rec calls ($50 more)
I call $50 more. [good or bad?!?!?!....$50 to win $330 immediately, with $375 behind after I call effective.]
Turn ($380) Tx6s4xQx
HJ leads $115
Hero ($375) calls again getting 4.3 : 1 with 8 outs, so 18% needed, but have some implied odds. Problem is I am not closing the action!!!!
BTN calls $115
River ($725) Tx6s4xQx2x
HJ leads $120
Hero ($260) folds.
Co Min raises to $240
HJ calls $120 more.

HJ shows TT for flop top set, Btn mucks (no idea what he had).

I have been watching a lot of the six max videos by Henry Lister and other pros like Patrick (psek1) & Peter Clarke, where they seem to 3 bet a lot of SCs IP both vs regs and recreationals. Is this a thing in live environment considering the open sizings are a bit bigger being 3-5bb opens? I am sure at $10/$20+ it makes a lot more sense where stacks are much deeper, being they are generally uncapped. I am not sure about live environment being 9 max, shallower stack, and ranges tend to be more value heavy when people raise and more trash when they limp. As you can see from this one example, given the BTN cold called, only have about a 3 SPR, where I am not how well SCs do in this spot.

I have the ground up series with Peter Clarke, I think 3 bets are mostly TT+ and AQ+ based on the videos I watched, but this is beginner level work. Just wondering in terms of max exploit and when someone should start 3 betting SCs? I am guessing need to be about 200bb deep in a live environment.

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