3 Quick Hands for 3 Quick Questions

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3 Quick Hands for 3 Quick Questions

Discalimer: these hand are pretty std, but I feel kinda lost because clearly I lack some theory behind. I would be glad if you can share your reasoning


MP is a weak reg (26/16; open from MP 23)
CO is probably a new reg since he's multitabling
SB is a fish (55/22)

I don't know whether squeezing AJs is ok vs MP open and CO call, let alone when another (short) player comes in... what do you think and what factors do you consider? The fish in the pot affect your decision?


OR is a loose aggro fish, while BTN is a passive fish
Hero is a nit and fold because... he's just lost preflop.
If I squeeze I can end up being OOP in an inflated pot with at least one player but potentially two. My hand fairs pretty well vs these loose ranges but... really dunno


Villain is a fish, a 31/19
Bet vs missed cbet flop: 3/18
Bet vs missed cbet turn: 3/5
Bet vs missed cbet river: 0/1
While in 3bet pots
Bet IP vs Missed cbet OOT (1/1)
Bet OOP vs Missed cbet OTT (4/4)

He got 20 behind after he bets and if I call the pot will be 42, dunno whether he's going to barrel off OTR. Stacks are pretty shallow so if he got a piece of it it should GII, but at the same time is hard to hit that board. I feel I lost value

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