3 Way flop with underpair

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3 Way flop with underpair

Live 1-2
Hero raise 9s9c $10 LJ
Bttn calls 350bb deep w hero
BB calls and is splashy Asian man w 100bb

Flop J74r
Pot = $27
BB checks
Hero checks
Bttn bets $15
BB calls

I'm thinking this is a fold? it seems in a vacuum we may have just enough to make a call, but with the 7x and 4x in their ranges having some equity, that will diminish some of equity we have. Additionally, its going to be very hard to find a call on the river if the BB bets, or the button barrels(unlikely to be bluffing at all in a live scenario IMO if firing multiple bullets). Given the equity is so close on flop, and its very easy for us to be bluffed on later streets, equate to us making a flop fold without good reason to do otherwise?

I'm thinking a hand like A7s would be more a defend because of the additional equity? 7x is weaker than 99, and loses to things like 88/99, but it also has substantially more equity. It does suck to block 7x however, but I think this is mitigated a bit because 99 also blocks T9 and 98, and again, the 2 pair equity is quite nice.

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