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33% CB

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33% CB

Hello. I am quite new to this topic and have some questions around it.

So CBetting 33% is mostly a range CB. It's a simplification, giving up some Ev, but much easier strategy to adopt. Mostly done OTF, IP.

Are there situations to use it OOP? Maybe Co vs BU, but not so much UTG vs MP? Right?
Also in 3Bpots IP, for example BU 3Bets Co, A72r, CB 33% most of my range? What about a flop like KJ6r? It would seem to much to CBet 33% my range there, no?

I usually do it in position vs blind on boards that contain an A or K, or on some lower boards where i can barell on higher/scare cards. Is this good? Is my understanding good here? Is it good to use it in 3BP as well?

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