$3/$5 live - facing 3bets with SCs vs tight players - 100bb

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$3/$5 live - facing 3bets with SCs vs tight players - 100bb

six handed $3/$5
V1 co $1200 semi loose passive preflop. He doesn't 3 bet AQ or JJ preflop, so he has some AKs and QQ+ here.
V2 btn $1500 - super solid player. I am assigning 99-QQ, AQs+.

UTG folds, Hero HJ 54c ($585) open $20, Co 3bet $80, BTN cold calls $80, hero calls $60 more.

Calling $60 to win around $188, Is this a bad call preflop? If this were going heads up, HJ vs CO vs a tight 3 bet range, I would just fold vs the 4x 3bet (16bb). Knowing villain likely has KK+ *which hands should you call 3 bets with heads up? Which hands would you over call after the btn cold calls?*

Also CO being a live player he uses large cbet sizing near pot for protection to avoid "bad beats", so you can't really navigate postflop. Having the btn cold call I thought I had a good price to call preflop here vs two tighter ranges despite being oop and only little over 100bb effective.

Given SCs are going to miss a lot of flops and flop draws 10-15% of the time, would you create a donk betting range instead of facing a large cbet from CO? For example on a board like Ac3h7d, or 36K board, with 54s would you ever donk bet here to try and get villain(s) off QQ-KK. The donk bet would effectively price hero in with a double gut shot, pot ~$245, maybe donk bet like $130? Which sizing would you use if any?

Postflop was not interesting as hero flopped the nuts and check raised after villain bet $310, hero put his $500 in. btn folded vs the cbet said he had AQ.

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