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$3/5: nut flush draws- how did I play these?

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$3/5: nut flush draws- how did I play these?


I'm sitting with $800 and SB has me covered, can't remember EP's stack.

I open to $20 with AhJh and SB raises to $85. I have position on both him and another caller in EP. Flop is low cards with two hearts. SB leads for $125. EP calls and so do I.

Tc on the turn, no straight draw. SB bets $325 (1/2 pot). EP calls and I fold,


I have $950 in CO and Button has me covered. As4s and I call $20 and 4 go to the flop of JsQsTc. Checked to B and he bets $150. I call along with one other. Ac turn and again it's checked to B and he bets $235. I don't think the A helped me here and with a 4-liner on the board there's no reason to do anything but call, right? Pot is ~$530 on the turn and $1,000 when it comes back to me and I make the call.

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