3b pre in live

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3b pre in live

live 1-3

In my live 1-3 and 2-5 local game, there’s a few recreational players who will raise a semi tight range of things like Axs, suited Broadway’s, KQ, AQ+, 66+, maybe they go a touch wider than that, but they also play poorly postflop.

With hands like J9s, K9s,, 54s, 65s, I typically am folding preflop, but I’m beginning to wonder if I could be hammering thru 3 bets a lot more than I am. A benefit is my main room doesn’t rake unless you see a flop. And also most of the players will flat call AK, and JJ, and probably even call QQ most of the time too. So we are really only ever getting 4b by KK+ the majority of the time. This lets us realize way more equity. This seems pretty relevant, even if they are having a slightly tighter range, they are also playing passively and probably overfolding the flop with things like AK. This seems like I should have a liscwncw to just reraise like crazy all kinds of suited connectors, and some gappers, Axs etc.

Any live players out there who 3! Way out of balance and showing good results? It seems like it makes sense to do so

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