3bet Defense Strategy?

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3bet Defense Strategy?

Hello runitonce community.

Recently took two shots at the midstakes, got f*cked :)
I filtered for Call vs 3bet in my HoldemManager and I realised I'm losing money at a spectacular rate. Players 3bet more aggressively preflop and continue with a substantially higher aggression postflop. My broad question is how do I counter that? And my specific questions is what ranges should I adopt? Below are some off the top of my head ranges to give a loose idea of what I'm doing:

Call vs 3bet from:
UTG: ATs+ 88+
MP: ATs+, KQs, 77+ OOP, KJs, AJo IP
CO: KJ+ AJo, QJs, + 66+ OOP, mixing SC 78s+ against looser opponents, KTs A10o IP
BTN: K8s+, KJ, J9s+, Suited Connectors 56s+ mixing small PP 22-66 with calling against looser opponents,

Do those ranges look fine? And also if i'm calling wider, how to I properly counter aggression postflop? I call gutshots, overcards + BDFD but I encounter so much more turn betting than the lower stakes.. Also how to counter aggressive 4bet strategy? 5bet shove bluff sometimes? What type of range should be defending against midstake 100nl-500nl 4bet strategies?

Lastly, do you guys think it's wise to play FD, OESD ect. aggressively in 3bet pots due to low implied odds and try to capitalise on fold equity by raising? eg.

Hero raises to 2.5BB from SB with KhQh,
Villain 3bets to 10BB
Hero calls

Flop: 3h Jd 5h. (pot 20BB)

Hero checks, villain bets 4.75BB. Hero calls

Turn: 8s (pot 29BB)

Hero checks, villain bets 14.5BB. Hero calls

River: 6d. Hero checks, villain checks, shows JhTh, wins pot.

Preflop I would have probably check raised on either turn of flop. But I feel like in 3bet pots due to low SPR I cant do that so well. Thoughs?

Any insight would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot guys

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