3Bet IP - What is your CBET strategy?

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3Bet IP - What is your CBET strategy?

Any answers are welcomed, as well as explanations on how to build different approaches to this spot:

3Bet pots IP with PP or high suited cards.

Example 1:
CO raises 2.5 bb, Hero on BU 3bets 8.5bb with "99".

Flop comes Q75
Hero cbets 60-70% pot
(I see this as value+, we can still have the best hand, so we bet)

Example 2:
MP raises 2.5bb, Hero on BU 3bets 8.5bb with "88"

Flop comes K96
Hero checks behind
(I prefer to check behind this flop, so villain can bluff the turn / we can stab if checked again or fold to a big pot bet)

Example 3:
UTG raises 2.5b, Hero on CO 3bets 8.5bb with "QJs"

Flop comes A76
Hero cbets 30%-40% pot ?
I see an easy bet-fold if villain check-raises us, and depending on the turn/river we can bluff our way or simple give up.

But I'm more concerned on the flop "cbet or not" strategy. What are your fundamentals in a general way ?

For value heavy hands (trips / combo draws / TPTK or 2Pair on wet boards that require protection), I'm betting large the majority of the time.

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