3bet pot, facing second barrel vs nit .

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3bet pot, facing second barrel vs nit .

Blinds: $2.00/$4.00 (6 Players) CO: DRAGONS1412: $482.97
BN: rossiwstaxi: $602.71
SB: MrKym1: $456.00
BB: bonjambon: $400.00
UTG: jeffgalgon: $437.50
MP: Heinrich_le: $443.38 (Hero)
Preflop ($6.00) Heinrich_le is MP with 4 4
jeffgalgon folds, Heinrich_le raises to $10.04, 2 folds, MrKym1 raises to $44.00, bonjambon folds, Heinrich_le calls $33.96
reg is a very tight player, preflop and postflop , and very easy to read postflop. So fold pre better?
Flop ($92.00) Q T 4
MrKym1 bets $48.06, Heinrich_le calls $48.06
Turn ($188.12) Q T 4 5
MrKym1 bets $99.96, Heinrich_le

Can we just shove here?
Reads on him, he overfolds in every spot basically. So i am worried we don't get paid on 9 spades river, and also not sure what he do on further facecards on the river with AA,KK. His betting range on turn is value heavy i assume, but might still have some surprises.
One thing, his turn sizing is little smallish, not sure he do that with AA,KK.

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