3Bet pot unortodox bluff line, is it spew?

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3Bet pot unortodox bluff line, is it spew?

Blinds 6 $0.50/$1
UTG Player5 $67.66
UTG+1 Player6 $108.08
CO Player1 $142.23
D Player2 $88.00
SB Player3 $100
BB Hero $105.63

Hero is BB $1.50 6
3 folds, Player2 (BTN) raises $2.30, 1 fold, Hero raises to $10.50, Player2 (BTN) calls $8.20


$21.50 2
Hero checks, Player2 (BTN) bets 11, Hero calls 11


$43.50 2
8dKsQc Jh
Hero checks, Player2 (BTN) checks


$43.50 2
8dKsQc Jh 6d
Hero bets all in $84.13, Player2 (BTN) calls $66.50


Player2 (BTN) AdKh
Hero (BB) 8s7s
Player2 wins $88.50

Hero losts $177.5

It is against weak reg, we have not special dynamics betwen us, no stats, it is Partypoker
preflop - mixed 3bets or calls
flop - I can cbet 1/3, x/c is also fine
turn - nothing,
river - his range is quite capped, his hand is medium strenght type one pair 90% of time I think, something like Kx, AQ, AJ, JTs, J9s. I also can have some show down value against some 1 barell bluff give ups like 65s, 97s or A5s for example, but it is qute small part od his range. So I think that, it is a good oportunity for bluff and I also like my sizing, at least I still have KK, JJ, QJs.

So it is my bluff okay, or it is too ambicious?

Thanks :)

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