3bet strategy BB vs BTN

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3bet strategy BB vs BTN

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you guys some thoughts/strategies for 3betting from BB vs BTN.

first of all, what should be roughly our 3betting frequency there?  against normal reg who, say, open 50% button by min-raise and then folds 55% vs 3bets.

I know that from SB we "should" 3bet a linear range, just because our flat-calling range is limited from SB.

Here on BB against min-raise open, we will call a lot of hands, therefore I like calling with bench of broadway hands like KJo, KQs, AJ, stuff like this , not 3bet them to "protect" my calling range and not getting barrelled off easily when flop comes with high cards. (most flops come with high cards i heard somewhere).

Therefore I use a more polarized 3betting range in this situation. (completely different from SB/BTN)

I know some players still 3bet a linear range from BB too and like 3bet a lot of AJ , KQ type of hands because it dominates BTN's opening range.

I'd like to ask what is your personnal strategy there? What can be a good frequency?

Another question, how should our strategy change if button open 3x? 4x? (i saw few regs open 4x weird).

Thanks :)

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