3betting pocket pairs in position vs recreational players

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3betting pocket pairs in position vs recreational players

Hi guys! I'm watching so many videos and i can't help but notice that a lot of you are 3betting in position pocket pairs like 88,99 and TT vs recreational players. What's the reason behind that?
What i mean is that as far as my experience goes most of recreational players have a very low fold to 3bet, thus my first instinct would be to keep a fairly strong 3bet range and to flat pocket pairs in order to capitalize on my sets and sometimes overpairs. (and that's how i'm playing right now). Is the fact that they have a wide call to 3bet a good reason to widen up my 3bet for value range to pocket pairs like that? Is there really value there? Because as wide as it could be someone call to 3bets i don't really see my pocket T getting to face 9T or JT so often to justify such 3bet.

Another aspect of fishes that i noticed is that they are very stubborn postflop and where a decent player would fold a second pair to a double barrell, most of them would probably just call, making me feel really helpless when i'm holding 99 double barelling 23JKx and losing to JT in a 3bet pot. Another reason that makes me want to go back to my value oriented strategy.

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