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3betting vs UTG/MP opens

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3betting vs UTG/MP opens

I want to get a better understanding for how I should be playing against UTG/MP opens from regulars.

Assuming we are playing against a villain who is around 18-21% PFR, what kind of 3betting strategy do we want to be playing vs them, both IP and OOP? Assume we are running at like 24/21 with 10% 3bet and villain's fold to 3bet is 60-70%.

IP I imagine our value 3bet range is JJ+, AQ+, AJs+. How many bluffs do we want to have in our range? I assume being linear is bad in this spot? What sort of hands are best to have in our 3b bluffing range, suited aces?

OOP value range something like QQ+, AQs+, AKo, then a few bluffs. Are suited connectors better than suited aces? I struggle with suited aces in these spots in general as we are OOP with a hand that is doing really badly vs his flatting range.

Really appreciate any comments.

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