3way nutflushdraw in single raised pot OOP. NL50

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3way nutflushdraw in single raised pot OOP. NL50

Even though MTT player, sometimes i play cash games, for various reasons.
Multiway hand history from party poker, because rakeback. NL50


CO 2bb
BU: fold
hero SB: call
BB: call

Could 3bet, but given minraise, odds, and assumed weakness of BB player who will make postflop mistakes, hence generate value, I elect to only call in SB.

Would 3bet vs 2.5x or more. Or if pokerstars with no rakeback to increase chances of picking up pot pre and not paying rake.

FLOP: 9c 8c 2h (pot 6bb)

hero SB: check
BB: 3bb
CO: call
hero SB: raise 20bb
BB: call
CO: fold

I don't know. Aggresion often pays off so I raise with good looking hand with nut potential. All too often when I choose the passive line with FDs and flush hits I do not get paid full stack.

turn: 3s

hero SB: 27bb
BB: call

Decision was between another checkraise or bet/bet. I do have 22, 88 and 99 in my preflop range at least some % of the time so I can credibly rep sets.

river: 7d

hero: all-in for 60bb

ATcc is one of the natural bluffs I have. Also blocking the TJ which fits this line too.

Posting this hand to possibly spark some multiway scenarios discussion. Does anyone play it different? I suppose the crucial decision is on the flop, if X/R or just call. In the past I've been reluctant to fire 3 street bluffs, but recently I've been more self-confident.

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