4B Pot

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4B Pot

50NL - 6-Handed

UTG limps with $12.88

Hero raise AcKh to $1.50 CO
Bttn new to table w $50.50 raises Button to 5.75 (first indicator he is weak)

Folds to Hero who makes it $14.50 (I can see a solid argument for flatting preflop here given the 3bettor is probably some type of rec given his preflop sizing; in a live game theres no way in hell I am 4betting here, but maybe since its internets poker 4betting is still better, do think its close, and like flatting in hindsight in all honesty)

Bttn calls

Flop Td6s6d
Pot = $28

Stacks are $36 effectively

In all honestly not sure what I want to be doing here. Seems like my range can bet small and set up a turn shove with QQ+, and then like 8 bluffs(3/4 sizing)

My range is probably going to end up being much more narrow than normal here as well given who the 3bettor is(again, likely REC).

Can see merit in betting flop with no diamond/shoving turn since it unblocks hands he can call down with that are worst. Downside is not blocking Ad means we will likely get jammed on at a reasonable frequency, and I think we have to fold vs that.

A bit concerned that we are going to run into TT-QQ and occasional slowplayed AA here quite often, and dont see a ton of other worst hands folding vs a small bet.

So, guess what im wondering, is what is our strat at equil, and what is our strat post deviating, because I think we probably are meant to deviate here for sure.


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