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4Bet range

Hi guys, i was thinking a bit about 4bet range vs different opponents. Would you have more playable hands in your 4bet bluffing range vs players who calls a lot 4bets or would you adjust in a way that you simply 4bet less for bluff and more wide for value?

example 1: BTN vs SB: opponent 3bet 18% and fold to 4bet 55%. I ussually take here some hands based on blockers. ( A9off, A3-A5off, some suited Kx...)

example 2. BTN vs SB: now let's say he 3bet 18% and fold to 4bet 30% . Would you still 4bet same range there for bluff? how would you change it? Or would you 4bet less there for a bluff? ( fold more to his 3bet obv. )

It's similar situation in CO vs BTN. But it's even harder to play vs good player cos you are out of position.

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