5-5 1K Cap Hand Evaluation

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5-5 1K Cap Hand Evaluation

UTG +1 raises 20
MP+1 calls
CO call (Good Reg)
Button hero calls KJo

Flop is QQ10r
Checks to CO and he makes it 50.
Hero flats.
Folds around.

Turn is 3 (no backdoor draws.)
CO checks.
Hero makes it 75. (I make it small hoping to get him to call and any card was planning to bet big on the river outside a 10 and Q)
CO check raises to 275. (We both have around 1K remaining.)

I flat and river comes a K.
CO makes it 375 and hero folds.

*I feel like I played this hand bad in a lot of ways especially on the turn. Was wondering if betting there was bad on the turn and my rationale given above. Also is calling there bad as well? The only boat I could see him having is q10. I took out 1010 because he most likely 3 bets there on the CO and AQ in case I hit my straight. I feel like if I hit my straight I woud've been able to stack him. Also can he ever be bluffing in that spot?


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