5-5 Live facing 2x OB from unknows....

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5-5 Live facing 2x OB from unknows....

Hero is in Mp Whale in Hj
Utg Limps Utg+1 limps and I Iso to 60 this seems to be the best open to get the whale to still continue with most hands and isolate him.
Folds to Utg limper and he flats. He has been at the table for 1 hand and i have not seen him play but he has seen the whale been very splashy i believe that is why he came over to my table.
Flop comes AKQ all spades
Utg player rips after about 12 seconds for $385 What range do you give unknown players that are open ripping here and how wide should i try and call.
UTG player is a young white male around 24
My opening range to this size is just about all hands i open and i will limp behind with weak pairs marginal suited gappers as players behind are very passive.

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