50nl on Swedish site 3bet pot CO vs BB

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50nl on Swedish site 3bet pot CO vs BB

Standard open 2.5x.I get 3bet by a regular that has creative lines,sometimes its tough to put him on a certain range.

I call the 3bet.
Flop:Goes x/x
Turn:He overbets. And i have to call.
River:He jams.

I can def see someone do this with TT,AA,KK...He has some bluffs.But i think the majority of his bluff range should probably bet the flop 1/3 or bet bigger.I have a very hard time pin pointing his range when he takes this line OTT.It seems very strong.But i also know my range is capped when i check back the flop.

Any thoughts? Is this a common line that people take these days? I find it very intresting.

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