50nl Sb 3bet vs UTG reg, exploit fold river?

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50nl Sb 3bet vs UTG reg, exploit fold river?

50nl No hud site
Utg opens to $1.50 100bbb
Mp folds
Co folds
Bu folds
Hero sb w/ AA 3bet to $5.50 100bb
BB folds
UTG calls

Flop Qd 9h 8c - pot $11.25
Hero checks
Villian UTG bets $4
Hero check raise to $12 w/ AA
Villain calls

Turn 2s pot $33
Hero check w/ AA
Villain bets $13
Hero calls

River Kh pot $63
Villain shoves about $25
Hero folds

Not sure if i butchered this hand , felt lost in most spots. Hero only 3bets 99, 10 10, JJplus, AQo plus, and KQs preflop sb vs utg. Flop checked because Villian's range contains more nuts mainly just 88 and I'm OP, but would be mix cbet strat ; Check raised flop because the board was semi wet/connected. On Turn , elected to check , because didn't find many bluffs in my range to shove pot size After villian bets , i call , not sure if shove should have been correct play . On river I fold , because I dont find Villian to have many bluffs .

Villian's calling range is tight preflop. He is overfolding to 3 bets and under 4 betting, i put him on QQ 100 percent , AKo , AKs mixed, JJ, 10 10, 99 , 88, KQs (sometimes?), AJs, , and AQo plus. After I check raise flop, i believe his range to be AQo, AQs, KQs, QQ, 99, 88, maybe some J J and 10 10 (but do 50nl regs even bet/call this hand on the flop, leaning towards no; would equilibrium bet these hands 1/3rd on flop?). Another part that I am unsure of is if Villian reraises all his nuts on flop for all in or calls . Don't have much experience with pool tendencies in this spot, but am leaning towards mostly shoving. Villian is a good reg for 50nl , but unsure of what line he would take.

On river , i don't find any bluffs besides AQ and JJ 10 10 ( which am lost if he even has these hands). I could see JJ and 1010 , be better bluff catchers for the flop check raise than AQo and KQs because we draw to nuts and unblock AK combos that would be check raise bluffs , but not sure if reg thinks that way.

Better ways to play this hand? I could see betting 1/3rd on turn and balancing w/ AKo air, and shoving river for 40 percent . However on a K river , I have zero bluffs

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