50NLZ Combo draw 3B on the flop and backdoors trips

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50NLZ Combo draw 3B on the flop and backdoors trips

BTN opens to $1.25
SB folds
BB calls with QcTc
Flop Ac9c8s $2.75
BB checks
BTN bets $0.85
BB raises to $2.80
BTN raises to $9.77
BB calls
Turn Qs $22.29
BB checks
BTN bets $15.90
BB calls
River Qd $54.09
BB checks
BTN bets $23.08 and is all in
BB calls

BTN shows 99

Preflop I'm going to be mixing a 3B with this hand but predominantly flatting.

On the flop I think BTN sizing is wrong but he could be doing this to exploit the pool as 50nl still hasn't started defending these range bets properly. I think I'm going to play my hand as a pure raise facing this sizing, from a GTO perspective I think I should be raising pretty thin for value here, not entire sure where the cut off would lie but facing this small bet I imagine I'd be looking to raise something like AT+. From an exploitative perspective I'm going to overbluff facing this raise because I don't think the population is defending enough, I don't have any specific reads on villain but am fairly confident in this in general. Facing the 3B I just think I have too much equity to fold at this stage but it's not a nice spot to be in.

Not really sure what to make of the turn, it does complete the straight with JT which we can both show up with and also brings in a backdoor flushdraw. If I have JT I might want to jam here just to fold out all of villains flushdraws which get to play fairly perfectly on the river and I don't want them realising that equity for free and also to get calls from sets before a scare card rolls off or 2 pair before it gets counterfeit. So with that in mind I feel like this might be the perfect combo to jam as I block JT and still have a lot of equity when called but I'm now paired up and can take a pot off the NFD which is likely to check back the river so I feel like there's a lot at play here. I'm not entirely sure about villains sizing either because I'm just unfamiliar with spots where the flop gets 3B in general.

The river I feel like I just have to either give villain no bluffs and fold or bluff catch this hand because with not even all of the combos of 99 and 88 in my range I'm really struggling for calls. I can see A9/A8 being a better call in that I block boats and unblock flushdraws but I think the Tc blocker is no too bad to have because I block JcTc which is villains most likely straight although I do block KcTc, Tc8c, Tc7c which could take this line. A8 and A9 might make up enough calls as I'll have 18 combos of them so if I'm overfolding it won't be by miles but I also feel like it's quite an attractive bluff spot for villain in that a bunch of my 2 pair just got counterfeit so he should be aware how hard it is for me to find calls.

Would appreciate any and all insight as I am fairly unfamiliar with pots where the flop gets 3B on the whole and I think this is quite a weird and interesting spot.

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