50z - Combo draw in 3b pot vs fish

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50z - Combo draw in 3b pot vs fish


So villain here is a pretty bad fish. He's capable of anything, even saw him open shove KTo for 40bb and stuff like that. Open limps, always stabs when you check etc Pretty aggro and spewy in general.

So I'm 3b pre to isolate him which I think is good. Question is how to play post? I don't think I made a mistake with my line but maybe there is a superior way?

I'd prefer to cb just because we want to build the pot for when we do hit and he is then more committed, whereas if we check and hit a diamond he will put in less with 1 pair or bluffs I would imagine.

The turn I don't want to have to bet/fold or anything so felt like a pot control line would be fine, if we hit we call or raise and if we miss no big deal I suppose.

Am I missing anything?

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