50z - JJ bluffcatching OOP in bit squeezed pot.

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50z - JJ bluffcatching OOP in bit squeezed pot.


Honestly I think this is one of the most interesting hands I've posted so hopefully a change of pace from my normal stuff. Really appreciate all the feedback thus far though, feel like it's helping a ton. So thanks guys.

So normally I would cbet flop here, especially without the Jd. I felt like it would be ok to pot control a bit though, maybe this is my main mistake and possibly influenced by winners tilt a bit. Not wanting to lose a big pot close to the end of a session.

I don't think it's too bad to c/c but not great either in a multiway pot with a vulnerable hand and little prospect to improve.

Ironically enough I think this is actually a pretty good run out for us if we were to call down and I still fold so maybe that is telling.

I have no idea what villains range is here, he's an unknown so assumed weaker player. I think the only pair he has that beats us is QQ but he does have a ton of semi bluffs that would possibly call then start betting. Maybe he even goes nuts and overvalues TT.

Tons of diamond FDs which we unblock. Really feel like I could've called here in retrospect. That said I'm not sure how often randoms are just blasting off like this.


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