50z - KK in 3b pot facing overbet shove on river

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50z - KK in 3b pot facing overbet shove on river


Villain here is a bad reg imo. He is in the games a lot but makes random tricky/spewy plays. Checked back AQ on Q85r from utg v bb. I thought that was pretty bad. Stuff like flatting random K5s hands from btn in multiway pots etc.

I'm thinking 88/66/ flush draws will bet flop. JJ/TT/QQ probs bet flop a lot, maybe check some of the time as well. Can't have 33/44 surely so I'm thinking he's floated something like AQss or he is getting fancy with AJ/KJ type hands. Although I very much doubt they would overbet shove here so I'm grasping for justifications really with that.

Also in practice regs never overbet shove these river spots for almost 2x pot unless they have it.

Should I just bet/fold river?

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